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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Eisenhower Arrival and Dismissal Procedures 

For many, arrival and dismissal can be the most stressful part of the day. Parents and other caregivers are dropping off and picking up only to rush to another school, to work or an appointment. That being said, the safety and well-being of our students and staff remain the priority. This can be done by following the procedures outlined below. Please take a few minutes to read this information and share with those who will be helping you with transportation. 
During arrival and pick-up, drivers are to remain in their vehicle. This helps to keep traffic flowing smoothly. Students should exit the vehicle from the passenger side only, never exit from the driver’s side or let out in the middle of the roadway. Staff members will direct cars to pull forward along the red curb as far as safely possible. This will allow more students to enter/exit cars, thus speeding up the process. Students may enter/exit the vehicle along the red curb in the main parking lot once the vehicle is past the first “Pull forward” sign. If a staff member directs you to pull farther forward, please do so. They have student safety in mind and can see the flow of traffic from a larger viewpoint. 

At the bus loop, students may enter/exit the vehicle passed the first curve after entering the loop. Please do not allow students to enter/exit a vehicle at the loop entrance. It is too close in proximity to the busy street. 

Before School Arrival:
In the morning, vehicles may enter the Staff/Kindergarten parking lot by making either a right or left turn in. The bus loop is only a right hand turn in coming from the East (from the park or Albertson’s direction). Students may arrive as early as 7:10am. Those who arrive at that time are to go to the lunch bench area by entering through the MPR or Kindergarten gate. Playground supervision begins daily at 7:15am. Students may also enter through the bike rack area at that time. To avoid the last minute rush to beat the bell, please consider coming before 7:30am. Students should be ready to exit the vehicle once the driver has come to a complete stop. Please do not delay the flow of traffic by remaining parked while your child completes a morning routine, eating breakfast, packing their backpack or getting dressed. Students line up on their classroom number when the 7:43 bell rings. Once the 7:45 bell has rung, the gates are closed. Late students are to go to the office for a tardy slip.

After School Dismissal: 
Drivers may only enter the Staff/Kindergarten parking lot making a left turn coming from the direction of Lincoln/Upper. This is clearly posted and drivers may receive a ticket for making a right turn into the parking lot from 1:45pm-2:15pm. (It is the law!) Please follow all the way around the outer portion of the parking lot. Cutting through the parking lot is causing unnecessary congestion. 
In the bus loop, drivers may turn in making a right turn coming from the East (from the park or Albertson’s direction) and must turn LEFT when exiting the bus loop for both arrival and dismissal. The AFTERNOON pick up is going well and the entire process is finished in 15 or 20 minutes which is amazing with over 850 students exiting the campus. 
There are designated waiting areas. Students should wait and watch for their ride at one of these areas: • The Kindergarten pick-up square to the brown bench. • Flagpole • Behind the Eisenhower sign • Bus loop- This is primarily for safety. 
We are hoping to end the games of tag, backpack slinging and general horseplay. This should also help siblings find each other more easily and curtail the number of announcements made looking for students. Students will be made aware of this change by daily announcements. After school, students should be picked up in a timely manner. Students not picked up by the end of the car line (around 2:15pm) will be brought into the office. It is then necessary for the parent or individual picking the student up to come into the office with a valid ID to sign the student out. Students will only be released to individuals listed on the emergency card. Please be sure to have after school pick up arrangements made in advance. Childcare is not available. 
Parking and Other General Reminders:
1. Thank you to all the students who walk to school! Please remember to use the crosswalks and obey the crossing guard at all times. 
2. Please do not enter through the exit. This is very dangerous and unnecessary. The few minutes saved may turn into a serious accident. 
3. Only park in designated parking spots in the main lot labeled volunteer or are unlabeled. Staff spaces are for staff members only. Please honor these designated spots. Staff need to park so they may begin their workday. 
4. Do not park behind vehicles in parked stalls or park along the red curb. This creates difficult and unsafe situations when entering and exiting the parking lots. Your vehicle should never be left unattended. 
5. Parking is allowed on Mountain Gate Drive directly in front of the school from 9:00am-4:00pm. Students should not enter or exit vehicles from any other sections of Mountain Gate. Saving a few minutes of your time does not justify the safety hazard. Please remember to be considerate and courteous neighbors to our surrounding communities. Modeling good behavior to our children by following the posted parking regulations is very important.
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